Live the Salt Life

Yoga and Himalayan Salt (Halotherapy) marry in this beautiful space where ancient therapy meets modern practices. Whether you come to sit, meditate or physically practice yoga, the culmination of these two therapies will cleanse and purify your body and mind.
Salt Yoga is grounded in vinyasa yoga, developed from the ancient discipline of Ashtanga Yoga. This ancient system of self-care brings vitality, health, deep relaxation, and peace of mind. While multiple forms of vinyasa yoga are taught, all teachers in every class will encourage students to open up physically and mentally while becoming more spiritually inspired. We will maintain an integrity and understanding of alignment while pursuing our individual "edge". 
Let's Get Salty


Salt Yoga believes in the power of stillness. Be still and know! There are multiple opportunities during the week to find your quiet. Come and go quietly as you need, honoring the noble silence of those who stay the entire time.
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Welcome from the entire Salt Yoga family! Wherever you are in your practice or in life, we will meet you there. Come as you are and know it is enough. New Student Special: 30 days unlimited for $59.
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Halotherapy is a dry salt therapy that aids in general overall wellness by removing toxicity from the respiratory system. It also invigorates the body with increased lung capacity and oxygen intake. 
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Here at Salt, we want your experience to be more than rolling out your yoga mat. We aim to unite as a group for a cause bigger than ourselves. Allowing you to live your yoga off the mat and in the world with breath, intention and good karma. We will hold monthly donation based community classes to benefit a cause, close to home or around the world. If you are passionate about something let us help you build community and funds to support!
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